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Vastushastra the Indian science of structure has fascinated some and irritated others but it has intrigued everybody. This ancient science deals with architecture at the material and psychological levels. This software is such that once the details of a house or an industrial or commercial unit is fed in; it gives a report on the merits and demerits of the premises as per vastu. The detailed recommendations are given followed by the percentage of adherence which bears in mind problems like the ones posed by local bodies and constraint on space which urban houses and industrial sites face. At the end of the report, individual room plans are given to act on.

Break Myths Not Walls

While Vastu and Feng Shui may be considered important, it is vital to ensure that structural stability is not compromised, says K. Raj

Blindly following a consultant’s advice could end up being dangerous

Visitors at the Property 2003, exhibition held last Monday witnessed an unusual demolition. To begin with, the crowd was very well behaved and there was no police bandobast. Instead of a team of BMC officials armed with crowbars and sledgehammers, the task was be seated on a dais and in place of illegal structures; they were razing to the ground all the myths prevailing about Vastu and Feng Shui.

It was a seminar with a difference, primarily because none of the experts tried to promote their specialty or run down a rival science. Instead, they shared a common platform and focused on a one-point agenda, namely ensuring that people do not endanger the stability of the buildings they reside in, while trying to make their homes adhere to the norms of Vastu or Feng Shui.

This approach had its roots in the fact that both consultants were also trained professionals connected with the construction industry. Dr. Nitin Paradh, the Feng Shui consultant invited to explain the intricacies, is a civil engineer, while Bharat Gandhi, who explained the intricacies of Vastu, is a qualified architect.

Dr. Ashit Vora, a senior consulting engineer, emphasized the need for asking if the alterations were logical or illogical before blindly following the directions of Vastu or Fend Shui consultants.

“In a city like Mumbai, how for can you go and how far can you put it into practice? You, cannot disconnect your flat from the building where your kitchen and bedroom, the furniture can be easily shifted, but what about the services? It is very difficult to relocate the plumbing and toilets without impacting the structure. One also has to take load bearing aspects like shear walls and beams into account before making any changes.

“As long as you make changes inside the four walls of your room within the existing structural system. It’s fine, otherwise there could be a catastrophe. Shift the opening of your door from left to right but don’t do anything beyond that,” he insisted, while reiterating the fact that both sciences had enough flexibility to ensure that a building’s stability was not compromised while complying with their norms.

Dr.Parekh pointed out that mastering Feng Shui required a very high level of intelligence, so most of the consultants today are people who have read a couple of elementary books and are dispensing ‘kindergarten’ level Feng Shui.

Architect Bharat Gandhi concurred. “Nobody has the time to go deep into the science. The door position in Vastu was given in the olden days because everyone did not have access to a compass at that time. Since the sun rises in the east, it was given as a reference point, so that people could calculate the other directions based on the door. Now this does not mean that everyone should go and change the position of their door because this is not relevant in today’s scenario! In any case, most of us have double doors, so hardly any energies pass through the door any more.

“It is easy for people to make money by exploiting the fear psychosis in people. Your house is your world. If you use all eight corners properly, there is no need to demolish a single wall. 99.9 per cent of flats in Mumbai can be used without any structural alterations because Vastu works more at a micro-level than a macro level.” He clarified.

When some members tried to insist on knowing which one was ‘superior’ and what should be done in case both provide contradicting solutions, architect Bharat Gandhi played down the difference and said that one could opt for either science or both, depending on how “greedy” they were.

“In case there is a contradiction and you want to choose between them, just flip a coin,” he suggested on a lighter note.

Why do you need vaastu?

BRIS presents some useful vaastu tips for businessmen

You need a house and a family. And you are happy to be materialistic. You do not mind being confined by questions. You do not need answers. You just want to satiate your emotions.

There are many like you. Believe me, people this are in majority.

With reason. Perhaps our sages felt they should use their knowledge to make the lives of the common man like you better. After all, sages were the men who had attained enlightenment.

They knew the questions, as well as the answers. They tried to spread truth through the scriptures and make your life better for you.

Quality of life

Now, you might have this nagging question before you: does Vastushastra deliver what it promises? One thing you should keep in mind here is this. Vastushastra is just an attempt at improving quality of your life.

That quality of life depends on your physical and mental wellbeing, as well as your financial standing.

Sure, Vastushastra relates health to money and offers its recommendations. That does not mean Vastushastra can interfere with destiny. Or, for that matter change it.

Away from north

Let me talk about industries. You will agree with me that manufacturing activity is in full swing in Mumbai. We do manufacture for exports. It is here that you should understand Vastushastra could help you in achieving quantitative and qualitative standards in your output from your industrial units.

If you are able to place and locate your machinery as per Vastushastra, you can well minimize the chances of breakdowns.

Sure, your machinery is affected by the magnetic energies of the earth. Hence, Vastushastra recommends that keep your machinery away from north.

Warm direction

Also away from east. So that you get positive solar energies. However, that does not mean you need to keep all your machinery in southwest.

Why, they can be even arranged in other directions. This is what you can do. Place the heaviest machinery in south west and the lighter ones in the other direction.

Well, heat-generating machinery should kept in southeast. For, this is a very warm direction.

Reason: the sunrises in the southeast in India and the path of the sun is southeast to southwest. That is why place machinery using water should be kept in a cooler location. That is in the northeast.

Total is difficult

Now, you should take special care when it comes to deciding the direction for your workers. They should face a positive direction. In turn, this will help them improve their concentration. That means reduced chances of accidents.

During my career, I have seen machinery placed in the right location, but workers in a negative direction. That always leads to accidents, small and big. Well, it may not be possible to follow vaastu tenets totally while designing your industrial site.

However, make sure you follow these tenets as much as possible. That can solve a lot of your problems.

If you ask me, some vaastu tenets can be ignored in today’s world. And a few others can be counter-balanced. That is the effect of negative energies can be reduced by increasing the positive energies in your work premises.

Why, some of tenets can also be modified. For example, if raw materials cannot enter your premises through the southwest, at least they can be made to enter the building through the southwest.

The last word

Here are the finds of my research. If you can apply vaastu tenets in the location of the following assets, your business can be profitable. These areas are: machinery, entry of raw materials, storage of raw materials, storage of raw materials, storage of finished goods, boilers, coking towers, generators, effluent plants and the workers.

Minimize your health hiccups

Violation of specific vaastu tenets can affect your health. So, if you are vaastu-compliant, you can minimize your health hassles

Understand vaastu is primarily a scientific draft. However, it is coated with religion.


That is because in olden times religion was the main vehicle of communication. In certain cases vaastu’s threats and promises are only to scare people and make them follow vaastu.

Effects on health

Sure, vaastu forewarns diseases. When particular vaastu tenets are not followed, chances are that you might fall sick.

My experiences have shown me that violation of specific vaastu tenets can affect your health. So, if you are vaastu-compliant, as much as you can, you can minimize your health hiccups.

You should realize here that the major source of energy in vaastushastra is Sun. For, sun is the source of all life on this planet. Remember, it is a silent killer too. The effects of excessive exposure to sun radiation may not be evident until you are old.

These effects could be a shortened life span or a rise in the incidence various diseases.

You should bear this in mind that the effect of radiation on human body depends on its intensity. However, this radiation effect can be contained by getting under a shelter. That is living in your home.

Quite protective

One well-accepted example of the solar effect is on your health. Solar eclipse has been certified to be harmful for pregnant women.

Sun’s rays, both direct and indirect, affect your moods and emotions. Indirect rays are those that are reflected from the moon.

Interestingly, incidence of crime is higher during full moon. Why, the word “lunacy” is derived from the term “lunar,” which means moon.

Both the sun and the moon exert a strong bearing on your health. The only thing that can protect you, at least to a certain extent, is your home. If that home is designed as per vaastu, it can be quite protective.

Maximum radiation

Here is another logic about the effect of sun energies. Observe our globe and the sun path.

Places closest to the sun all year around experience maximum radiation.

For instance, you are sure to find frequent health problems along the equator.

If you move further towards the poles, north or south, you are sure to find people fairer and healthier. Even at the micro level, that contrast is evident between the people of South India and North India.

Tilt in axis

Here is another example of the effects of sun energy. Sure, changes in seasons increase and decrease your energy levels. Naturally, you feel more energetic during winter, even if the temperature is as high as 35 degrees.

However, you feel tired and exhausted very fast when the temperature is 35 degrees during summer. For, the sun is relatively closer to you during summer. That is due to the changes in the tilt in earth’s axis.

Blocking the negative

You should appreciate here the fact that vaastu tenets consider the various angles of the sun and recommend different ways of blocking the negative sun energies during summer.

These tenets also recommend various ways of utilizing positive energies in affirmative ways.

The last word

Sure, the sages who expounded on vaastushastra had the vision to understand the behavior of nature and the effects of radiation when they were conceptualizing the role of climatology and vaastushastra in architecture.

After talking about the solar effect in vaastushastra, it is time for you to get clarifications on earth’s magnetism, the other energy.


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